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Getting clean has never been such dirty fun with the Fetish Fantasy Elite Douche/Enema System! Designed to be both pleasurable


Rediscover the steamy adventures of Anastasia and Christian Grey with the Fifty Shades of Grey Official Pleasure Collection. Based on


Cleaning has never been so much fun. This system designed to be pleasant and practical at the same time, this


Cleaning has never been so much fun. This system designed to be pleasant and practical at the same time, this

Anal season is officially opened! If anal douching makes a great part of your preparation, you might want to check out our selection of douches and enemas!

“The mood is all set; the lubricant is on the table… Should I douche first?”. There is no consensus opinion regarding this last question. Some people might argue that there’s nothing wrong with it while other totally discourage this practice. However, in the end of the day, it is your body and, obviously, it is up to you to decide.

Is anal douching necessary? Not at all. Yet, if it makes you feel more comfortable and relaxed when having anal sex, then do it. But, do it properly, with the right products and in a right way. It’s no worth putting your health on the line.

In this page you’ll find different types of anal douches and enemas, for you to get all cleaned up and have a blast with your partner (or alone), safely!

You’ll discover products, such as the anal douching pear and other anal enemas that are perfectly safe and comfortable for you to use. Choose the one that fits you best, according to your experience in douching itself!

Anal douche the right way!

With great anal play comes great responsibility. Since the rectum is a sensitive area, there is a greater chance of damaging it while anal douching. But only if you do it carelessly.

It is important to follow simple rules in order to avoid hurting yourself while cleaning yourself up. Most people end up damaging rectal tissue when they do it with homemade substances, for instance, making the risk of infection rise up. So, in order to be safe, you might want to anal douche with only water and comfortable and gear made specially for this practice.

Another golden rule for doing an enema at home is to always use a clean nozzle on the gear you’ll use. This way, you will avoid bacteria and, of course, infection. Before douching, you really should lubricate the nozzle first, so you don’t hurt yourself.

If anal douching is your thing, just do it! But, don’t over douche, since the intestinal flora might get damaged.

Before heading to that gorgeous and pleasureful anal play, you should be relaxed and totally confident. So, if anal douching makes you feel good about yourself, do it in a proper way, without taking any unnecessary risks.

Have fun and be safe!